Commencement Ceremony for Neo-Acid Based Integration Project


Hebei Shield Neo-Materials co., Ltd., Cangzhou-Lingang 2022

In 1992, Shield was founded when China was still in the poor and underdeveloped times. We got nothing besides expectation of making our country as rich as western countries. It was incredibly lucky for us to survive through inventions .

In 1999, we undertook research of national key projects with the help of Ms Jiangpan and invented new synthetic methods of Shina®, Shivena® and Shigena®.

In 2007, we put all our savings and a large bank loan into building the factory of Shina®, Shivena® and Shigena® in Bazhou. We became the only two producers of neo-acid based monomers in the world.

Then 2014, we seized a heaven-sent opportunity in a position of the utmost difficulty and won the market acceptance.

Then in 2017, we took another research of national key project. Hard work of four yeas has made us global leader in neo-acid based polymer emulsions.

This year, 2022, Shield has become stronger. But we can’t stop climbing for the better of our country and for the long-term wellbeing of Shield people.

Today, here, Cangzhou, Lingang, the cold and deserted land, Shield comes. We will turn it into the world leading production area of Neo-materals within serveral years. It is here, we will make China the global leader in Neo-materals.

Remember this moment, please! 9:58 am, December 11, 2022. The Neo-Acid Based Integration Project of Hebei Shield starts here! Its annual output will amount to 0.75 million tons.

This moment, Shield is into a new period!

This moment will have deep influence on the future of Neo-materials worldwide!

This moment, we are hungry for new victories!

To conclude, let’s wish the project a great success!










1. ShinaShield Neo Acid

2.Shivena: Shield Vinyl Esters of Neo Acid

3.Shigena: Shield Glycidyl Esters of Neo Acid

4.Neo-materalsNeo-acidNeo-acid based monomerspolymers and end products